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About Us
Mohamed Bin Mansoor Al Arayedh Holding Company S.P.C (MBMH) is a dynamic and diversified business establishment based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
MBM Holding merits itself as one of the most prominent, largest and leading  business groups in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
By utilizing its long family history in the local and regional business community and building on its inherited networks, MBM Holding is set to penetrate new markets and further diversify its expertise. This is evident in the company's introduction of new businesses - such as investment, business development, sports management and promotion, oil & gas, and general trading - to its core business of land acquisition and real estate development and management. 
Mr. Mohamed Bin Mansoor Al Arayedh, Chairman, is a well-known figure of the Bahrain business community. Studied in Newcastle University in the UK with a degree in Business Management and has since worked in the area of risk and administration of investment portfolios in The Kingdom of Bahrain, currently Chairman of MBM Holdings and Director of the Al Arayedh Investments & Consultancy.
His ancestral family is one of the oldest trading families on the island which originally dealt in Pearls Trading, with his Great Grandfather who is also a Member of the British Empire (MBE), commonly referred to as the King of Bahraini Pearls, and one of the biggest landlords in the Kingdom, and are now leaders in various Government, Banking and Educational positions.
Mr. Mohamed Bin Mansoor is the founder of MBM Holding and the business is ever growing.  A true man of ethics and clear vision, MBM is dedicated and has a vibrant passion for business. With deep roots, historical accomplishments, financial strength, human assets, the MBM Holding is moving forward towards setting new standards of leadership.

Proactive, well-rounded and dynamic individuals, capable of adding value to society.

About MBM Holding  

We aspire to play a critical role in society both at home and overseas by driving positive change through our investments, as we pursue growth and yield as we advance together for a sustainable future. 


Locally, we are committed to furthering our shareholder's strategic objective of a globally integrated and diversified economy. Internationally, we deploy capital with integrity across a variety of asset classes and geographies for the greater benefit of the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

MBM is investing and partnering at the leading edge of global growth and innovation to create opportunities for future generations. 


What we do

As a holding investor with an entrepreneurial mindset, we strategically invest worldwide in asset classes and sectors that deliver competitive advantages. We leverage our shareholder, our talent, portfolio diversity, and our global presence and partnerships to create lasting value and positive economic and social impact in communities where we deploy capital. 


Years Experience


Current Investments


Specialist Industries


Experienced Partners

Our Family


Mohamed Bin Mansoor Al Arayedh, Chairman

Mr. Mohamed Bin Mansoor Al Araydh, was born in Bahrain in 1989. He is the eldest son of H.E. Dr. Mansoor Bin M. Jameel Bin Mansoor Al Arayedh, a former member of the Shurra Council in Bahrain and chairman of AlSharatan - Gulf Council for Foreign Relations (GCFFR).

Mr. Al Arayedh is a well-known figure of the Bahrain business community. Studied in Newcastle University in the UK with a degree in Business Management and has since worked in the area of risk and administration of investment portfolios in the kingdom of Bahrain, currently chairman of MBM Holding, Director of Al Arayedh Investments & Consultancy, Chief liaison officer of AlSharatan - Gulf Council for Foreign Relations (GCFFR). and member of SME Development Society of Bahrain.

M.B.E Mansoor Bin M.H Al Arayedh Founder

the team

Late Mansoor Al-Arayedh, born about 1890. Owns a good deal of land in Bahrain and is also a pearl merchant also known as the "King of Bahraini Pearls". The Al Arayedh family is largest and best-known Bahraini family in Bahrain. Mansoor has a great deal of influence among the Bahrainis, which he usually wields with wisdom and sense. He was instrumental in settling the dispute in the summer of 1954 between the reformists and the Government, during which the police opened fire on a crowed threatening the fort, killing and wounding several people. For this he was awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire)"Information from Leading personalities records for 1955"

Tracing the Company’s foundation and rich aspirations back to the late 19th Century; Mansoor Al Arayedh’s vision, family ideals and wealthy traditions were reinforced through the lifestyle he led and with the birth of his children in the first half of the 20th Century. 


Mohamed Jameel Bin Mansoor Al Arayedh Predecessor

Mohammed Jameel Al Arayedh, the third of Mansoor's children and upon return from England and Lebanon in the 50's, where he received his education, sought to go one step further. By becoming the editor-in-chief of one of the most reputable Bahraini newspapers of the day and exposing himself to unconventional ways of thinking and doing business. 
As a young and energetic entrepreneur, the late Mohammed Jameel was the pioneer of the first fresh dairy milk factory in Bahrain in the ‘50s; purchasing his machinery from England, he ventured into dairy fresh milk bottling and distribution all over Bahrain. 

Mohammed Jameel added to his commitment to his father's business a fresh dimension and a strong sense of social responsibility. 

He developed the family real estate business and increased its overall wealth. 

Furthermore, he was a strong supporter of charitable organizations and anthropological societies. This has earned him a number of awards in appreciation and recognition for his contributions. 

The late Mohammed Jameel Al Arayedh was the chairman of Al Arayedh Group Holding (AAGH), where he played an active role in guiding the Group.

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Mansoor Bin M.Jameel Al Arayedh Predecessor

H.E. Dr. Mansoor, Chairman, is a well-known figure of the Bahrain business, worked in the area of risk and administration portfolios Germany for 3 years and as Vice-President of Arab Banking Corporation, Bahrain (2000-2002) and also Ex. Senator, member of Shurra Council, chairman of Gulf Council For Foreign Relations (GCFFR), and the Chairman of the Board for the Al Arayedh Investments & Consultancy. Dr. Mansoor studied Engineering, has an MBA and a doctorate in Political Studies. He contributed to many national, regional, and international gatherings focusing on democratic reforms, Gulf security and Track II diplomacy. He wrote two books and many articles on issues of good governance and democratic changes. Dr. Mansoor has a special interest in Gulf-European relationships and in official and civic scopes development. Known to have a vibrant passion for business, Dr. Mansoor has capitalized on various investments in the public and private sector to create a sizable portfolio focusing on investments and capitals.

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